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Trees for the Forest

Trees_720x720_a copy_5lQY.jpg

Trees for the Forests was a fundraising art exhibition inspired by the reforestation projects of One Tree Planted - a not-for-profit organization that runs reforestation projects in 43 countries around the world.


Eight other local artists and I, branched out and created works inspired by the forests in the areas where One Tree Planted was reforesting; including Australia, the Amazon Rainforest, Romania and Brazil.


A portion of artwork sales went directly to planting trees in the country that inspired the artwork.

Think It Over


Think-It-Over showcased Sea to Sky artwork that the following six key inspiring words;


Potential | Resilience | Justice | Intimacy | Humility | Learning


A group of local artists and I were asked to reflect and create based on our universal experience of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and what these six words meant to us personally in light of it

I created two unique pieces for this show

Teeny Tiny Show


The Teeny Tiny Show is one of Whistler's most popular yearly art exhibitions, proving good things do come in small packages. 


Every year, other participating artists and myself have created mini artworks. no larger than 3 by 3 inches, to be displayed in the gallery at the Maury Young Arts Centre.

Participating in this show over the past three years has been a delight and a fantastic way for me to experiment with new ideas on a small scale, before creating larger works. 

LIFTing the Community


 LIFTing the community, was a project in which 15 Sea to Sky artists were paired with 15 community groups, to each reimagine an old Catskinner lift chair into a compelling work of art.

Each group was given the same theme to base the design of their chairs on; Belonging. All 15 chairlifts were displayed in Whistler village for 2 months.

The chairs were then put up for auction in Sept 2021 ,with the proceeds going towards the organization it represents.

Anonymous Art Show


The Anonymous Art Show has been Arts Whistler's annual fundraiser exhibition for the past four years.


An exciting event to buy original art ,where the artist’s identity (whether established or an up-and-coming talent) is kept secret until after purchase.

Once the event is over, the submissions can be revealed. My piece sold in one of the first tiers in my first year of entry in 2020.

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